Of moorhens, #parklands and 3 hour yomps

Yomp #01 0755-1105 on 13 04 2023 - 190mins 18kgs of weights in the backpack 60 photos taken (the least unusuable ones are on display below). Galahs, moorhens (WHOOP), sulfur-crested cockatoos "etc" The first yomp of the Adelaide visit is done, and it was a corker. What follows is a bunch of photos, digressions and... Continue Reading →

Nature and what she does for “us”…

I have a long-standing fascination with how "nature" gets invoked, how the idea is mobilised to defend whatever people want to defend. First really really started thinking about this (I think) after reading the following quote by Julian Rathbone, from his novel "Zdt" Wrong. Nature in the Middle Ages was a hierarchy, a chain of... Continue Reading →

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