Nature and what she does for “us”…

I have a long-standing fascination with how "nature" gets invoked, how the idea is mobilised to defend whatever people want to defend. First really really started thinking about this (I think) after reading the following quote by Julian Rathbone, from his novel "Zdt" Wrong. Nature in the Middle Ages was a hierarchy, a chain of... Continue Reading →

I just saved a life!

Okay, it was a snail.  But it was interesting nonetheless, and surely racks me up some karma points (I am not yet sure if those are transferable with my good guy tokens)? Cycling along Higher Cambridge Street I almost squished a snail who'd started a long and perilous journey across the road, and wasn't looking... Continue Reading →

Hookworm and the class struggle…

Wow. It's almost as if there is a long-running class war where the rich try to demoralise and demean the poor, kick them in the teeth and then blame them for not having a nice smile. I know, I know, crazy conspiracy theory... "Bringing a condition under human control often poses a challenge to old... Continue Reading →

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