A walk in the park(lands). Of butterflies, coots and good times

Today the Adelaide Parklands Association (which exists to explore, inspire, protect and restore) held a rather excellent guided tour of the very south-east corner of the Parklands…

Not much to say, other than groups like these – existing to defend public space from “practical” bureaucrats/politicians (who oddly often seem to get post-retirement sinecures with developers) – are vital, and joining them and supporting them actively is one of the most basic things you can do as a citizen on this being-murdered planet.

We got a potted history of the parklands, and then went on a walk, stopping off for a bonus info-session about butterflies, then on to the new wetlands (with coots and moorhens – whoop!) and then some gum trees and so on. Friendly, clearly well-informed and dedicated people, doing what they can to, well, explore, inspire, protect and restore…

Next guided tour is in May, on the topic of Olive Trees in the Parklands…

One thought on “A walk in the park(lands). Of butterflies, coots and good times

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  1. Marc, Nature reserves & “Parklands” every where are under the hammer, all as a result of my favourite
    topic GROWTH. Climate change in all it’s forms is a result of unfetterd GROWTH. We stop open cut mining for coal and replace it with open cut mining for rare mineral sands! What a joke.
    Still, we are building wind turbines for the birds to perch on and the Possums to climb, if the blades were made of an organic material, maybe the Possums could learn to chew on them?

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