Choreographed consultation

The review process therefore supported relatively incremental changes to the policy. Given no great changes have been suggested to promote increased uptake of renewable energy, or conversely to provide additional support for electricity consumers suffering under the burden of the RET, the review process is likely to have caused more harm than good purely by introducing a perception of policy uncertainty….The case of the 2012 Climate Change Authority Review of the RET, and the Australian Government’s response, could therefore be considered ‘choreographed consultation’. Cheeseman and Smith [36] found that a consultative policy-development process resulted in little actual influence on policy direction, but that the consultation process garnered support for policies already in train.

(Simpson and Clifton, 2014:134)

Simpson G. and Clifton, J. 2014. Picking winners and policy uncertainty: Stakeholder perceptions of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target. Renewable Energy, Vol. 67, pp.128-135.

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