ABC Insiders 24 September 2017 – observations

Abc Insiders 24 September So, there was an 'extra' bit with Barrie Cassidy pondering the consequences of Abbott's behaviour for energy policy (compare coorey article on same topic in AFR). Programme itself opens with interview/intersplice with the headbutt guy in Hobart Sadly no music over the top of this- too controversial? Could have had “Can't... Continue Reading →

Activism: ffs, read this – Building Movements, Not Organizations

Building Movements, Not Organizations Creating a healthy, humane world will require more than new organizational designs. It will take rethinking the nature of organizations entirely.... What might be possible, therefore, if socially minded organizations and businesses acted more like movements than organizations? And what might that look like in practice? To answer those questions, consider... Continue Reading →

#WordsIDidntKnow – Gaman (‘endurance’)

One attribute highly prized in Japanese society is that of "gaman", or "endurance". Gaman is the quality of enduring what seems unbearable with dignity and grace. The idea basically that is that if there's something unpleasant around you, it's better to tough it out in an act of self-sacrifice rather than act immediately to change... Continue Reading →

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