So, painting yourselves as reasonable, responsible and the other lot as unreasonable and irresponsible is an obvious and much used technique of perception management.  As EE Schattschneider said “The definition of alternatives is the supreme instrument of power

Crucial concept in policy narratives, for policy entrepreneurs


See also Angel Shift , Devil Shift (both terms within the Advocacy Coalition Framework)

Snow and Benford

Entman, R. 1991. Framing US Coverage of International News: Contrasts in Narratives in teh KAL 007 and Iran Air  Incidents.


“There are a number of different definitions of framing, most of which are rather vague. Here framing will be understood, in the words of Entman (2004: 5; emphasis removed), as ‘selecting and highlighting some facets of events or issues, and making connections among them so as to promote a particular interpretation, evaluation and/or solution’.” (Knaggard, 2015:454)

Knaggard, A. 2015. The Multiple Streams Framework and the problem broker. European Journal of Political Research, pp.450-465.

“Movements… are “actively engaged in the production of meaning for participants…. They frame, or assign meaning to and interpret, relevant events and conditions in ways that are intended to mobilize potential adherents.” Finally, Gamson (1992) has sought to extend the framing concept by distinguishing between what he sees as the three principle components of any “collective action frame”. Gamson labels these three components a)injustice frames, b) agency frames, and c) identity frames. Injustice frames define some aspect of life not simply as illegitimate but as affectively intolerable. Agency frames offer an account of how the group can effect change in the offending condition(s). And the identity frame offers the group an altered- often dramatically so- collective vision of itself.” McAdam in Traugott, M. ed (1995) Repertoires and Cycles of Collective Action

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