Federal Election 1996

Keating gets comprehensively done by Johnnie Howard… being a small target (opposite of Fightback!)

Liberal party’s 1996 election manifesto, A Confident Australia

To read: The Victory by Pamela Williams

“Bold and sophisticated techniques have been developed by both parties to use this information not only to monitor but to mould, direct and sway public opinion. Some of these techniques were outlined in The Victory, Pamela Williams’ (1997) excellent account of the machinations behind the 1996 federal election campaign. Williams explains how the Liberal Party, using surveys and focus groups, constructed profiles of typical swinging voters—their hopes, their fears, their base emotion—which formed the basis of targeted propaganda, such as claims that Keating’s Labor government was captured by ‘special interests’. Both major parties now employ teams of researchers whose purpose is to identify and monitor these emotions, and construct images, words, and messages that channel such feelings into particular political programs. A string of Coalition election victories suggests that the conservatives currently understand and manipulate these structures of feeling far better than does Labor.”

Cahill, D. 2005 Politics and propaganda


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