DILC glossary

So, here is a glossary of terms.  Each page takes you somewhere else on this website, but from there there are external links!

attention bubbles

celebrity status

closed industry front


collective good problem

corporate strategies

culture of resistance

cyclical issue lifecycle


economic frame conditions (e.g. taxes, regulations, standards, subsidies, investments).

economic positioning strategies (supply chain management, operations management, marketing)

face work (Suchman, 1995, p.588)

first-mover advantage


future expectations

grand societal challenges

Greening of Business literature


hype-disappointment cycles

incremental innovation

incumbent firms

innovation race

innovation strategies

innovation studies

Issue LifeCycle Models

Issue linkage

jockeying for position



market-positioning strategies

mobilization processes

moral consumers

paths – halted (or “stopped”)

paths – skipped

paths – cyclical or path – recursive

phase 1 – problem emergence and industry neglect

phase 2 – rising public attention and defensive industry responses

phase 3 – political debates, controversies and defensive hedging

phase 4 – Formation and implementation of substantive policy and industry diversification

phase 5– Spillovers to the task environment and industry ‘recreation’

political strategies

political will

pressures (public, scientific, industrial, customer, political)

primary involvement area

problem emergence

public attention

radical innovations

risk aversion


responses – symbolic responses and substantive responses

scientific pressure

secondary involvement area

selection pressures


social fitness

social movements

socio-cultural strategies

strategic diversification

substantive responses

sunk costs


symbolic responses

technological innovation

triple embeddedness framework

vested interests

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