Emotional Endowment

Neat concept of the knock-on and ‘spill-over from one arena/topic to another….

Describing the myth of mighty Heracles, Hesiod portrays his shield as having a terrifying effect on opponents: ‘From its center Fear, carved in blue steel, unutterable Fear, cast side glances of fire’ (Athanassakis 1983: 130). Fear would protect Heracles by scaring his opponents – thereby illustrating the claim fear affects risk assessment and judgment (Lerner & Keltner 2001). But fear is also contagious; it carries across people and tasks. Psychologists have shown in laboratory settings how emotional effects spill over across irrelevant tasks (Lerner et al. 2004), implying but not elaborating on the temporal dimension of emotional effects – a phenomenon I term ‘emotional endowment’.

Zahariadis, N. 2015. The Shield of Heracles: Multiple streams and the emotional endowment effect.  European Journal of Political Research, Vol. 54, pp. 466-481.

See also Multiple Streams Approach, Framing, Spillover,

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