“No carbon tax under the government I lead”

In the Federal Election 2010 campaign Julia Gillard made this statement-

also watch this

“The fury that is felt by Abbott and his team has been fuelled by Gillard’s broken promise on a carbon tax.
“They believe that Gillard’s election-eve declaration that there would be no carbon tax during her prime ministership saved Labor from defeat – and denied the Coalition a historic victory. For Gillard to now ditch the promise that saved her and denied Abbott the prime ministership is to compound the Coalition’s sense that she leads an illegitimate government.
“This anger is shared by the opposition’s supporters, including a powerful line-up of media figures – especially conservative talk-back radio hosts and media commentators.
“The unrelenting criticism that has been levelled by this section of the media at the cross-bench MPs who gave their support to Gillard to form a government has flared into a fire-storm with the decision to introduce a carbon tax and the subsequent refusal of the independents to see this as a dishonourable act compelling them to withdraw their support.
Kitney, G. 2011. Abbott strikes carbon chord. Australian Financial Review, 9 March, p. 61.

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