The Smugosphere – an academic citation

So, I have been writing cynically about the "smugosphere" - that place where normal rules of performance assessment to not apply because people are Doing Good For The Cause. And I just kind of stumbled on a very very interesting paper by one Wolfgang Seibel; Seibel, W. 1996. Successful Failure: An Alternative View on Organizational... Continue Reading →

Bristol and public policy geek-out-ery

Lovely 24-ish hours in Bristol, seeing my sainted aunt, and then my oldest UK-friend, whom I have known since 1997.  Lots of good beer, good pizza, good conversation.  #Aintnosintobegladyourealive Meanwhile, on the journeys to and from and in-between, I read a bunch of policy papers, and have come up with more terms for the ever-expanding... Continue Reading →

Encouraging words and help from senior academic

Bless the internet for enabling rapid free communication with clued-up people around the world (as someone just old enough to remember having to send letters to people and getting (with luck) a reply two or three weeks later, this is an under-noticed improvement in our lives. I contacted a very senior (and also interesting -... Continue Reading →

Adventures in policy concepts…

Public policy for fun and ... profit?  I've been on a major reading binge over the last month or so (Policy Studies Journal, I'm looking at you). Most of that has been around three theories/frameworks/models - Advocacy Coalitions Framework, Punctuated Equilibrium and Multiple Streams. Why? To try to test/extend the Dialectical Issue LifeCycle Model, especially... Continue Reading →

Brilliant friend of mine, on #activism

I have brilliant friends. A couple of them are activists, and have turned their brilliant attention to the problem(s) of activism.  I learn a lot from listening to these friends.  In response to a chapter that I have in an upcoming Routledge book ("On Pathological and Ineffective Activism: What is to be Done?), one friend has... Continue Reading →

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