Bristol and public policy geek-out-ery

Lovely 24-ish hours in Bristol, seeing my sainted aunt, and then my oldest UK-friend, whom I have known since 1997.  Lots of good beer, good pizza, good conversation.  #Aintnosintobegladyourealive

Meanwhile, on the journeys to and from and in-between, I read a bunch of policy papers, and have come up with more terms for the ever-expanding A to Z of policy terms.

Perception Management
Agenda entrance
Issue Expansion
Issue salience
Policy legacies
Policy Paradigms (compare policy image – or wider than that?)
Subsystem collapse (PE)
Orders of change – first, second and third (Hall and Policy Paradigms – compare ACF and levels of belief)
Venue  creation
Path Creation (Garud and Karnoe)
Social learning
Path creation

Issue linkage
Free-rider problem
Rational Choice Theory
Policy areas
Policy stages
Policy cycle
Information entrepreneur (Crow 2010, cited in Knaggard, 2015)
Knowledge broker (Litfin, 1994)
Local knowledge (compare with scientific knowledge)
External shocks (focusing events) (ACF)
Internal shocks (focusing events) (ACF)
Mature policy subsystem (ACF)
Negotiated agreements (ACF)
LME Liberal Market Economies
CME Co-ordinated Market Economies

Hidden Developmental State

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