Mature policy subsystem

Within Advocacy Coalition Framework, a subsystem where the coalitions have settled down into relatively predictable positions

“During the 1970s, the South Africa policy subsystem in Swiss foreign policy developed into a “mature policy subsystem” (Sabatier & Jenkins-Smith, 1999, pp. 135–36).” P541 –  Hirschi, C. and Widmer, T. 2010. Policy Change and Policy Stasis: Comparing Swiss Foreign Policy toward South Africa (1968-94) and Iraq (1990-91). Policy Studies Journal, Vol. 38 (3), pp.537-563.

citation is 1999. “The Advocacy Coalition Framework: An Assessment.” In Theories of the Policy Process, ed. Paul A. Sabatier. Boulder, CO: Westview Press,

See also Policy Subsystems

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