Local knowledge

As distinct from scientific knowledge.  There’s a whole bunch of different knowledges being bandied about.  As a fan of the Enlightenment, imma be skeptical…

Local knowledge also includes the everyday experience of lay people, both in the form of individual and collective experiences. Since this type of knowledge has a lower status than scientific knowledge, it will have less value in making persuasive framings. However, there are situations in which scientific knowledge is unavailable or unhelpful for substantiating a certain way of understanding a problem. Under these circumstances, local knowledge can be used instead.Also, local knowledge can be crucial in resisting already accepted frames. Lay people affected by political decisions might hold a different understanding of causal relationships based on their practical experience to that of policy makers. In efforts to reframe a problem, local knowledge can point to alternative understandings of the problem, and thus open up alternative policies.

(Knaggard, 2015:456)

Knaggard, A. 2015. The Multiple Streams Framework and the problem broker. European Journal of Political Research, pp.450-465.


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