Demography, death, decarbonisation. All this and not much more at the Adelaide Festival of Ideas (see also, technopolitical salvationism and China Crisis)

I've spent bits of the last two days sat in neo-Gothic wood-panelled halls listening to sages on the stage. Some of the sages have been great. Others, well, that's why I took a book, innit? This is not, after all, my first go at this rodeo. It's the "Adelaide Festival of Ideas" again, that under-funded... Continue Reading →

Converging what where? – Of helixes, quasi-industrial policy and incantations

There’s a story, surely apocryphal, of Shakespeare being locked in attic room and only given food in exchange for pages of an overdue play script.  That tactic -  “sliding pizza under the door in exchange for good ideas” is something that gets talked about in “strategic niche management.” Its cousin, pump-priming and state-agency-as-facilitator/networker was... Continue Reading →

Thelma and Louise and Australian COVID & Climate Responses, via Donald Horne

Just under thirty years ago, about 100m from where I am right now, I saw the wonderful Thelma and Louise. There's a short clip that stayed with me that I think we need to remember. Well, I was watching Insiders (Sunday morning current affairs, mix of interviews, humour, panellists, on the national broadcaster ABC)... Continue Reading →

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