Discursive Repertoires

“Much as any challenging group has a limited action repertoire, so too does it have a limited discursive repertoire. Constrained by the hegemonic talk of the powerholders, this counter-hegemony is generally piecemeal, with challengers often appropriating at the margins. They seize upon silences and contradictions in moral justifications of domination and negate or reverse those points in the dominant discourses. Akin to instrumental repertoires, discursive repertoires are relatively stable and recurrent.” Steinberg in Traugott, M. ed (1995) Repertoires and Cycles of Collective Action

compare with that article about company x getting shafted in China but deliberately choosing a ‘business sovereign risk’ counter-frame rather than a ‘freedom of speech’ counterframe, because they knew the latter would box them/create path dependency etc

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