Social Movement Marketplace

The first set of factors concerns a set of dynamic features perhaps best captured by Benford and Hunt‟s (2003) use of the idea of a “social movement marketplace”. These features include competition between rival or competing SMOs, the organization and resourcing of counter-movements, and the openness of potential members to organization and participation in social movement activities.

Pekarek, A. and Gahan, P. 2008. From Resource Mobilization to Strategic Capacity: Reconceptualizing Resources and Capabilities in Social Movement Theory. Work & Employment Rights Research Centre, Monash University. Research Report 07/08 September 200

the citation is –

Benford, R.D. and Hunt, S.A. (2003) „Interactional Dynamics in Public Problems Marketplaces.‟ in J.A. Holstein and G. Miller, eds. Challenges and Choices: Constructionist Perspectives on Social Problems, Aldine de Gruyter, New York: 153-186.

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