Looting the Ivory Tower “The work after ‘it’s too late’ to prevent dangerous #climate change

(Blog posts about academic articles and what value they might have for activists.) Article Moser SC. The work after “It's too late” (to prevent dangerous climate change). WIREs Climate Change. 2020;11:e606. https://doi.org/10.1002/wcc.606 The TL;DR If you have read much on social and psychological responses to climate change you will have come across the work of... Continue Reading →

TV Smith: Chomsky meets Cohen, but punk

Crikey I needed that. After Thursday's shitshow (albeit revealed in the company of friends, which momentarily softened the blow), what happened last night was just perfect. Given that TV Smith is a guy with a 40 year back catalogue of brilliant - perceptive, funny, lyrically astonishing - songs, and with a work ethic that would... Continue Reading →

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