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Swimming Against the Current: The Rise of a Hidden Developmental State in the United States

Fred Block’s point that although there’s a lot of neo-liberal rhetoric by the Americans, they’ve been running an industrial policy via the Pentagon.  Which is what Airbus have been accusing them of all along…

“Despite the dominant role of market fundamentalist ideas in U.S. politics over the last thirty years, the Federal government has dramatically expanded its capacity to finance and support efforts of the private sector to commercialize new technologies. But the partisan logic of U.S. politics has worked to make these efforts invisible to mainstream public debate. The consequence is that while this “hidden developmental state” has had a major impact on the structure of the U.S. national innovation system, its ability to be effective in the future is very much in doubt. The article ends by arguing that the importance of these developmental initiatives to the U.S. economy could present a significant opening for new progressive initiatives.”

Reading: Harrison and Mikler, Climate Innovation

see also Varieties of Capitalism, Co-ordinated Market Economies

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