Social Movement Learning

It does exist, of course, despite my depressive maunderings.

Operational capabilities thicken, spill over happens.  Sometimes even some groups/movements achieve dynamic capabilities.


March and Levinthal (1993) “examine the ways organizations approach these problems through simplification and specialization and how those approaches contribute to three forms of learning myopia, the tendency to overlook distant times, distant places, and failures, and we identify some ways in which organizations sustain exploration in the face of a tendency to overinvest in exploitation. We conclude that the imperfections of learning are not so great as to require abandoning attempts to improve the learning capabilities of organizations, but that those imperfections suggest a certain conservatism in expectations.”

March, J and Levinthal, D. 1993. The myopia of learning. Strategic Management Journal. Vol. 14 pp. 95-112.

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