Zombie Repertoires

Repertoires which are dead, but still walk the earth (because they meet other needs…)

Once a specific tactic is used, it ceases to be outside the experience of the enemy. Before long he devises countermeasures that void the previous effective tactic. Recently the head of a corporation showed me the blue print of a new plant and pointed to a large ground-floor area: “Boy, have we got an architect who is with it!” he chuckled. “See that big hall? That’s our sit-in room! When the sit-inners come they’ll be shown in and there will be coffee, T.V., and good toilet facilities- they can sit here until hell freezes over.”
Now you can relegate sit-ins to the Smithsonian Museam
page 163 of Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky

See also marches, sit-ins, decruitment

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