Fiction: At the autopsy

Coroner: (holding scalpel) 52-year-old Caucasian male. 191 cm. BMI in high 20s. Recent covid infection. What’s the CoD? Student: (nervous) MI? CVA? Coroner: Good guesses. But it was DCI. Student: Er? Coroner: (mock sighs) What do Universities teach anymore, besides wokeness? Domestic Cat Incident. Student: (scribbles in notebook of acronyms) It clawed him to death... Continue Reading →

“Give it to me straight, doc”

As the cliche goes... "how long have I got?" And docs tend to be overly-optimistic about this, apparently. It's always a tough call, and when it comes to our "civilisation", well a) it's complicated (or, rather, complex) b) we are (too) in love with narratives of an abrupt end. There's a song by Midnight Oil... Continue Reading →

Of ritualised climate “activism” on a doomed planet, going through the (e)motions. Of Ridley Scott, Lennie Cohen etc…

There's a Ridley Scott film (I know I might lose some folks, but stick with it, it will be worth it, I promise (1).) It's called "White Squall" and it came out in 1996. It stars the ever-watchable Jeff Bridges as a sailor and general dude. Anyway (and SPOILERS), there's a storm (a white... Continue Reading →

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