Whoop! Four ball asynchronous fountains are a thing!

So, I am “teaching myself” to juggle. The quote marks are because nobody does this stuff alone – I’ve had encouragement from various people (plus passive-aggressive criticism from one person, but that is their issue, not mine) AND I am drawing upon the excellent videos you can find online (waves at Taylor, Lauri, Nils).

I had a block – I just couldn’t juggle four balls with my hands moving independently of each other – I could only do it with them catching or throwing simultaneously – known in the juggling trade as ‘synchronous’.

I’m trying to graduate to five balls (that’s the point at which I for one would call myself a proper juggler), and asynchronous four-ball juggling (“the fountain”) is not a ‘nice to have’ but a gotta have.

And…. last night, I tried for the first time in a couple of weeks and – easy peasy. All the other stuff I had been doing (three ball clubs etc) seems to have just flicked a switch in my brain.


There are a series of metaphors and analogies here about what we learn, how we learn, what we have to do to get better at anything. But let’s not spoil a simple blog post, eh?

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