Mobilisation technologies

“The closest SMT comes to elaborating the processes by which resources are transformed into collective actions is through the notion of “action technologies” advanced by Oliver and Marwell (1992). These scholars define action technologies as “sets of knowledge about how to do a particular action and what its consequences are likely to be” (Oliver and Marwell 1992: 255, our emphasis). They go on to distinguish production technologies from mobilization technologies (Oliver and Marwell 1992: 255). Thus, the idea that organizations require certain „skills‟ or „abilities‟ in order to perform various tasks or do a particular action is implicit in the notion of “sets of knowledge”.

Pekarek, A. and Gahan, P. 2008. From Resource Mobilization to Strategic Capacity: Reconceptualizing Resources and Capabilities in Social Movement Theory.
werrc Work & Employment Rights Research Centre Research Report 07/08 September 2008.

See also movement-building, mobilisation, recruitment

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