Songs of loss and pre-emptive mourning

My new earworm is Joey by Concrete Blonde.  It's a brilliant song, with astonishing vocals from Johnette Napolitano.   It sits alongside other songs of mourning for lost friendships, lost loves (something Paul Kelly and Billy Bragg do well).  That sense of hoping to reconnect with someone who has their own battles to fight is... Continue Reading →

The immovable object and the State

On Monday night Manchester was the scene of a crime. It was a crime committed, as the tabloids would always tell you most are, by a young(ish) Black Man, the son of one of those immigrants allowed to come to England decades ago. It was a serious crime, a crime against the state.... If, that... Continue Reading →

Misognynist pop lyrics, no comment required

It ain't rappers who invented misogyny in popular music, is all I'm saying- Who wants yesterday's papers Who wants yesterday's girl Who wants yesterday's papers Nobody in the world Rolling Stones “Yesterdays News” and that "happy" In the Summertime - You got women, you got women on your mind Have a drink, have a drive... Continue Reading →

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