DeFT stands for Decluttering Financial Timeses…

I have been buying (and mostly reading) the FT for at least 15 years (closer to 20?) and loving it. These days it’s just on the Weekend, when there’s a fab colour magazine and Life & Arts section (which has a good crossword Dr Wifey and I struggle with). It also has other sections and occasional supplements (“How to Spend It” – now shortened to HTSI) which I generally flick through and then put in the recycling. The thing that tends to happen though, is that I put the Life & Arts section to one side to ‘read later’ and then never do…

Well, am having a clear out and trying to do some adulting. I find myself (currently) unable to throw out all those lovely Life & Arts sections because I paid for them and I’m tighter than a fish’s arsehole… Soooooooooo… I am going to systematically go through the various piles, taking clippings of what I want to keep before the rest goes in the recycling. Mostly I will do this on various exercise bikes and treadmills at the local gym…

Part of the challenge is to be systematic (a major failing) and regular, and so I intend to keep an activity log of what I get done when…

I’ll also blog about it all, but not terribly regularly…

Here’s the SMEAC –


I have a load of FT bits and pieces (see photos above)


Get shot of all of them, systematically, by end of 2023 while learning new skills around archiving, adding to my GLIB


45 minutes a day of reading, plus photos, clipping blogging and filing


This folder on my Gdrive

Have folders for GLIB people and things.

Command and Control


Desired End State

No loose FTs anywhere!

Milestones (for celebration and reflection)

End of the extras (ideally before I go to Oz)

End of the Main Sections (ideally before I go to Oz)

Each 10 Life & Arts

Each 15 Magazines

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