Ros Kelly

Environment Minister, back from March 1990 to ?? 1993?

Forced through the IPT.  Shepherded the ESD initially

… it is rumoured that, at the Earth Summit in Rio, Australia’s Environment Minister Ros Kelly was so enthusiastic to endorse the Climate Change Convention, she almost signed in place of Afghanistan.

Christoff, P. (2005) page 31

Christoff, P. (2005) Policy Autism or Double-Edged Dismissiveness? Australia’s Climate Policy under the Howard Government. Global Change, Peace & Security, Vol 17, 1, pp. 29-44.

[NB  She probably copped misogyny, a la Gillard)


See also Pearse 2005 for what some other cabinet-types thought of her.

Attended the 2020 Summit, fwiw.

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