“After sustainability” – good questions…

So, if there were a functioning climate movement in Manchester, it would, imho, be answering some of the questions in bold (scroll down if you want to see them). But there isn't. Ho-hum, #gladtobe45andchildfree.   Global Discourse special issue: 'After sustainability - what?' Call for Papers Guest editor: John Foster (j.foster@lancaster.ac.uk) It is no longer... Continue Reading →

Climate change and World War 2 analogy

Someone who went on the climate march didn't see the organisers taking the coffins away from protesters and calling for police support. He did however comment "that there were more young faces in the crowd than usual". Memories are funny things.  I remembered at that moment my grandfather and one of the recollections he shared... Continue Reading →

The immovable object and the State

On Monday night Manchester was the scene of a crime. It was a crime committed, as the tabloids would always tell you most are, by a young(ish) Black Man, the son of one of those immigrants allowed to come to England decades ago. It was a serious crime, a crime against the state.... If, that... Continue Reading →

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