National Mood

Within the politics stream of the Multiple Streams Approach there are party ideology, balance of interests [presumably akin to the relative power of coalitions in the policy subsystem?] and national mood

National mood…“refers to the general orientation of the public toward issues, values, or solutions relevant to the policy problem” (Jones et al. 2016:16)

national mood’, means ‘that a rather large number of people out in the country are thinking along common lines’. (Kingdon, 2003: 146)

[nb. not reducible to public opinion polls]

Jones, M. Peterson, H., Pierce, J. Herweg, N., Bernal, A., Lambert Raney, H. and Zahariadas, N. 2016. A River Runs Through It: A Multiple Streams Meta-Review. Policy Studies Journal, Vol. 44, pp.13-36.


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“Highlighting the importance of the national mood in MSF applications, the study finds that political leaders not only sense the national mood, but also use it as a coupling strategy to block policy change. Second, the power to build coalitions through emotional arousal in the short run helps reframe losses and paradoxically undermines political support in the long run.”

P467 Zahariadis, N. 2015. The Shield of Heracles: Multiple streams and the emotional endowment effect.  European Journal of Political Research, Vol. 54, pp. 466-481.


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