The Institutional Void – or abyss?

Hajer, M. 2003. Policy without polity? Policy analysis and the institutional void. Policy Sciences, , Vol.36(2), pp.175-195. Abstract. How should policy analysis respond to the changing context of policy making? This article examines three aspects of policy analysis in this changing context: polity, knowledge and intervention. It argues that policy making now often takes place in an ‘institutional void’ where there are no... Continue Reading →

BRILLIANT paper on sustainability transitions and political ecology. #holycrap #jealous

And the Best Paper I Have Read This Month Award goes to... drum-roll please... Lawhon, M. and Murphy, J. 2011. Socio-technical regimes and sustainability transitions: Insights from political ecology. Progress in Human Geography. Vol. 36 (3), pp.354-378. Here is the abstract Sustainability is increasingly becoming a core focus of geography, linking subfields such as urban,... Continue Reading →

Me and your research

I don't get many requests to take part in research, but the rate seems to be increasing, and the to-and-fro takes up everyone's bandwidth. Therefore this; Dear Xx/Xy/prefer not to say, I am flattered by your request to take part in your research. My decision always leans to 'no' because of a) time constraints and... Continue Reading →

Babies, bathwater, innovation and Gramsci…

The Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (a mouthful, I know) runs internal seminars where academics get to test out new ideas/reboot old ones and generally reflect on the direction(lessness) of travel for innovation policy, science and technology policy and much else. It can be dreadful, but when it works – and it did yesterday –... Continue Reading →

Method(ology) to my madness…

A GREAT article on methods and methodology, which I have had in the 'to read' pile finally got read during a park-walk Hyett, N. and Dickson-Swift, V. 2014. Methodology or method? A critical review of Qualitative case study reports. International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-Being. There is SO MUCH good stuff in... Continue Reading →

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