The Institutional Void – or abyss?

Hajer, M. 2003. Policy without polity? Policy analysis and the institutional void. Policy Sciences, , Vol.36(2), pp.175-195.
Abstract. How should policy analysis respond to the changing context of policy making? This article examines three aspects of policy analysis in this changing context: polity, knowledge and intervention. It argues that policy making now often takes place in an ‘institutional void’ where there are no generally accepted rules and norms according to which politics is to be conducted and policy measures are to be agreed upon….

Rules? What rules?  Along with the political amnesia that Laura Tingle documents so well (as do other people), our societies have become ‘ungovernable,’ at least by public actors…  Hence the turn to ‘governance’ – as a blame-spreading exercise…

What was that Freddie Nietzsche said about being careful when looking into the abyss?

Better wear shades.

No, these ones.

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