Of moorhens, #parklands and 3 hour yomps

Yomp #01 0755-1105 on 13 04 2023 - 190mins 18kgs of weights in the backpack 60 photos taken (the least unusuable ones are on display below). Galahs, moorhens (WHOOP), sulfur-crested cockatoos "etc" The first yomp of the Adelaide visit is done, and it was a corker. What follows is a bunch of photos, digressions and... Continue Reading →

The yomps explained.

Today I did another 10 lap yomp around the Alexandra Park, with my backpack of bricks and weights, while, er, talking to myself. The reason I blog about this one, and not all the others, is that I hit a couple of milestones that I’ve been struggling towards today. I feel a little bit proud... Continue Reading →

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