Yomp #03 – Purple Swamphens, procrastination and podcasts

Yomp #03

0730-1110 on 27 04 2023 = 220 mins

18kgs of weights in the backpack

Hmmm. This was supposed to be the one where I breached the 240 minute mark (See Yomp 2 here btw). But that would have involved actually leaving the house when my alarm went off, instead of faffing. And then catching all the commuter traffic on various bleeding arterial roads…

Would I still have been standing with the extra 20 minutes? Dunno, probably. I was going to go counter-clockwise and do both banks of the Torrens. Gonna gonna gonna.

Only things worth reporting are

a) A Purple Swamphen

b) I started listening to podcasts (there’s only so long you can do verbal diarrhoea into a voice recorder. I listened to an episode of Planet Critical, with an Aussie materials/mining engineer guy basically saying we don’t got enough lithium etc for the vaunted Green Energy Transition. It was a good, but it would have been good to have a bit more pushback and challenge. Never mind.

So, next week, a longer yomp, at least 240 mins (ideally 270, tbh), setting out earlier and with more podcasts…

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