Letter in ‘Tiser about stupid XR criticism

There are LOTS of reasons to be critical of XR. No doubt. But when you set up strawmen and regurgitate petro-propaganda, you waste everyone's time. Letter in the Adelaide Advertiser today. The letter offering free advice to Extinction Rebellion ("Plastic Problem", Advertiser, 9 May) was a classic of its type. It finishes with the profoundly... Continue Reading →

Letter in the Saturday Paper, about EVs, climate and how long we’ve been doing nothing (except digging deeper hole).

Mike Seccombe's customarily excellent reporting ("electric vehicles policy stuck in low gear") put me in mind of a front page story on the Adelaide Advertiser I recently encountered. Under the headline "Addiction to cars must go - Minister" the relevant federal minister said "everyone has his role to play, even if it's to wal to the shop instead of... Continue Reading →

Letter in Advertiser, abt energy transitions

Letter in Advertiser today (29 April) Two fascinating articles in the Advertiser yesterday. First in "Auf wiedersehen, Pete" (congrats to whoever came up with that headline, btw) we learn that SA Premier Peter Malinauskas is continuing the work of South Australia's political leaders - dating back to Mike Rann - in seeking advantages for the... Continue Reading →

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