Inverse Law of Bullshit

I recently (within the last month) was on an online meeting that used all the "right" buzzwords about generative, transformative, interactive. It was... Ah, hell, you know where this is going. It was the most stale top-down format you could "imagine." (You don't have to imagine it, you've been subjected to it most of your... Continue Reading →

Those books I didn’t buy #02

The postman definitely didn't bring these today The geography of pollution: A study of Greater Manchester (1974, Manchester University Press) Peter Scott The Happy Man (Peter Scott was the son of That Scott (of t'Antarctic) and the David Attenborough of is day...

Those books I didn’t buy #01

On Saturday I definitely bought a lovely bag for The Wife. When I got home I found that some evil person had included some books. BookSpeculation on why it ended up in the bagVurt by Jeff NoonManchester sci-fi!!Out of the Wreckage: A new politics for an age of crisis by George MonbiotWill there be any... Continue Reading →

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