Academic self-delusion

A while back (as in, I wrote this blog post hot, but didn't post it straight away because I don't want to commit "career" suicide) I attended back-to-back zoom meetings. The first promised to be on a crucial question about how we respond to escalating social, political and environmental crises. All the right theorists got... Continue Reading →

Accelerating transitions: Elon Musk announces Model TIS, says Model MLP not viable

Scholars of socio-technical transitions and transformations were stunned today as entrepreneur and self-appointed “Techno-king” Elon Musk took sides in a long-running academic debate. Speaking from an undisclosed location (rumoured to be somewhere on Earth, but unconfirmed at present), Musk tweeted The tweet has caused equal parts consternation and delight in the sustainability transitions research network,... Continue Reading →

Patriarchy persists – what’s a man to do?

On opposite sides of the world, women and not-enough-male allies are rightfully and righteously angry about the failures of state actors  to act – at all or enough – around women being raped and murdered. The facts of the UK case is relatively straightforward. On March 2nd a young white woman, Sarah Everard, was kidnapped... Continue Reading →

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