A whole bunch of videos I made last week

I set myself a bunch of targets last Sunday. Missed most of them, but did over-achieve on making short (under 2 mins 20 seconds) videos about things I think other people might benefit from knowing/I would have benefited from knowing when I was young. Most of them are "Looting the Ivory Towers", and the others... Continue Reading →

The Big What? Why? Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and Extinction Rebellion kiss and make it up as they go along

Extinction Rebellion today announced that it was teaming up with Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace to try to make what has looked like it would be the Humiliatingly Small One into the Tolerably Medium-Sized One. This is the same Extinction Rebellion which denounced FoE and Greenpeace (aka "the FoGgers") as complicit, sclerotic and useless.... Continue Reading →

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