Magpie 34 online!

Had a super-useful meeting today with various people. One of the outcomes was that I am going to put the rest of The Magpie online (with permission of its editor, Ian Brown). Here's a link to the pdf of issue 34, Spring 1995. The rest will follow, two a day, until they're all done... You... Continue Reading →

Lead letter in the FT!! #NotHumbleBrag

I have had a couple (maybe three?) letters in the pink 'un over the years. But never the lead letter. Is it about COP26? Is it about industrial decarbonisation and the politics thereof? Is it heck. It's about my misspent youth reading in excess... And death. Always with the death... Is "macabre Buddhist propaganda" a... Continue Reading →

“TIS and six criticisms”

This paper is a response to six criticisms made of the authors' "baby" - the Technlogical Innovation Systems appraoch. Markard, J., Hekkert, M and Jacobsson, S. 2015. The technological innovation systems framework: Response to six criticisms. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 16, 76–86 They take each one in turn, give what seems to be to my inexpert... Continue Reading →

TIS & MLP – “Towards an integrated framework”

So, focusing my next batch of academic reading around the Technological Innovation Systems concept. If you have other things on this, besides these seven, you think I should read, lemme know. First up Markard J. and Truffer, B. 2008. Technological innovation systems and the multi-level perspective: Towards an integrated framework. Research Policy 37 596–615 Lots... Continue Reading →

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