Magpie 35 – Global Forum ’94 A Historical Report

Thompson, P. (1995) Global Forum ’94 A Historical Report –  Part 2 Magpie 35.  Page 20 -21

What Went Right 

Whilst the core conference has struggled along – local charity groups have been busily organising events to run alongside Global Forum. They have rallied round and raised money to host their own individual environmental conferences despite being axed by Global Forum organisers back in February. Phil Barton, Chair of North West Focus, has been behind what he described as a festival: “We have put together a fringe programme of events around Global Forum that will offer the opportunity for the people of Manchester. and those visiting, to participate and become involved”. Activities range from conferences on Business to an International Peace Festival to the British Council’s Conference on Healthy Cities. 

The Festival will be launched at a Public Meeting in Albert Square on June 19th. Phil Barton adds “We have done a lot on very little money and we are proud of that – but we wouldn’t have organised these events without Global Forum”. Quite clearly it’s the local charity groups that have shown the entrepreneurial talent that Global Forum needed. 

The Green Team

If Global Forum achieves anything locally, it will be to raise awareness on environmental issues. At the very least, it has encouraged the Council to clean up their act and the fruits of their labour will be launched at Global Forum. 

The Council has set up the ‘Green Team’ to look at the City’s problems of sustainable green initiatives. The Team will develop a green action plan for the City, work on Local Agenda 21 and outline a City strategy thr recycling. Assistant City Planning Officer, David Kaiserman points out that the Green Team shows the Council’s commitment to the environment. “We want to make Manchester – and the world – a greener and healthier place”. 

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