“In institutional economics, especially in the work of Aoki (2001) and certainly in the writings of Denzau and North (1994), the analysis of the evolution of economic systems is central. Referring to Malerba’s (2005, p.68) dynamic perspective of sectoral systems as ‘a collective emergent outcome of the interaction and co-evolution of its various elements’, we suggest that insights based on the work of Douglass North may clarify the relationship between path dependency, learning and incremental innovation on the one hand, and the relationship between redescription, direct learning and radical innovation on the other.”

p 181 of van der Steen, M. Groenewegen, J. Jonker, M. Kunneke, R. and Mast, E. 2008. Evolutionary innovation systems of low carbon electricity. In Foxon et al.(eds) Innovation for a Low Carbon Economy: Economic, Institutional and Management. Cheltenham Edward Elgar.


The Malerba loooks interesting – Sectoral systems of innovation: a framework for linking innovation to the knowledge base, structure and dynamics of sectors


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