We need to see what isn’t there

Quick thought, because a) working on an overdue Doctor Who article, b) working on The Job (CCS) and c) have a call imminently with an old friend. So much of what frustrates me about me/social movement organisations comes down to the inability/unwillingness (because it's hard, and if you don't practice, you never get better --... Continue Reading →

Cognitive and Affective Reasons for ‘Deficit of Information’ “Activist” Crap – or “The scraped knee theory of #climate doom”

"CARDIAC" - geddit? Not my most forced backronym ever, but close. So, why do we get stuck in describing problems - like, I dunno, the imminent collapse of the ecosystems that make human civilisation possible, to choose an example entirely at random - endlessly, rather talking about the solutions? Blah blah, yes, belling the cat.... Continue Reading →

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