We should give our age in ppm. No, hear me out. (I’m 97ppm, btw.)

One thing people don’t get about climate change is just how quickly the blanket of C02 is thickening because of our emissions.

Sure, there’s that Al Gore on his elevator stunt in the film “An Inconvenient Truth.”

And there’s this that shows we are thickening the blanket more and more quickly (because we are burning more and more fossil fuels).

But we need more.

You may have noticed the trend in Twitter bios to say “born at xxx ppm”.

Well, I found a site that automates this and my tweet about it on the @our_yesterdays account has gone “viral” (it’s all relative”)

A user called Chad made the simple and profound step to give his actual age in ppm

Now, recently, James Murray of Business Green did this excellent tweet.

Finally then, this tweet – we could give our ages in ppm amount of C02 added to the atmosphere since we were born.

There seems to be a bug though, with the agilq.com website, it stops last year. So while the start point is accurate, you will – for now – have to do your own maths. Here’s a site with today’s c02.


Therefore, I am 97ppm. I will be getting a telegram from the Queen next year, I reckon.

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