Magpie 22 – Where were you on fifth of April

Kelly, U. (1992) . Where were YOU on the fifth of April? Magpie, 22, p.10-11.

Where were YOU on the 5th of April by Unity Kelly

Our 1992 Annual General Meeting was the best yet. The venue, Parrs Wood Centre for Rural Education, is most attractive and appropriate for such an event. Following the diverting business meeting and the announcement of our Award winners we were treated to a brilliant illustrated talk from David Harpley, Cheshire Wildlife Trust’s Conservator, who kept us enthralled with a witty delivery on his role working for wildlife in Cheshire. During the refreshment break, those attending had a chance to view our exhibition, which is now looking its best particularly with the addition of a magnificent display board on bodging, by Susanne Clarence, and examples of craft work by resident bodger, Ian Brown After the break we were treated to a great display of live bodging by Ian and new recruit, Yvonne Watson, with Susanne assisting on the shaving horse.

With all this super entertainment on band it was a little disappointing that there was not a larger attendance. An AGM is a potentially dull occasion which we could easily hold in some bleak committee room and dispense with in half an hour, but we prefer to make the event as entertaining as possible. After all this is one of the few times in the year when members can get to meet one another, so we may as well have a little fun, and I am sure that those who did attend will agree this year’s AGM: was a most enjoyable occasion. Whether or not we will be able to maintain such a high standard we cannot be sure, but we will try and hope that next year more of our members will attend to make the 1993 AGM even more memorable.

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