Whoop! Whoop! I am OVERWEIGHT!!

I stepped (staggered, actually) onto the scales an hour ago. 115.2kg blinked up at me. "Fry up!" I peremptorily bellowed to (feebly whispered in the direction of) The Wife, who has been her usual amazing supportive self throughout this delardification effort. When I crawl in the door, dehydrated and incoherent, there's a pint glass of... Continue Reading →

No fry-up yet – sad emoticon….25th April – delardification post

Another week, another blog post about what has (and has not) been achieved) This one covers weight lossnew fitness gigsreading and researching I've done First the numbers ParameterNumbers and burblingsWeight last week117.7 (on Monday, after 12 laps)Weight this week117.1 (Sunday, after 12 laps)Weight loss (or gain obvs)0.6kgsKgs to target (100kg: not the hardest calculation ever)17.2Percentage... Continue Reading →

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