The Oval Squared: the magnificent seven…

So, I am doing yomps around Adelaide (see here and here, with a 4 plus hour one to come), with 18kgs of weights in a backpack. Alongside thism I am doing shorter but “up hill” things at the local oval. There’s a mound with stairs,

but, better, there’s a football stand (albeit not the really big one – see below – they’ve ‘developed’ that so it’s no use to the casual climber).

Each time I do it I do a certain number of laps and then, on each lap, that number of stair climbs on the other stand

Today was 7 laps (so a total of 49 climbs to the top of the stairs, plus the mound walks). The whole thing took just over two hours, including to and from. It all got a little difficult, last couple of laps, and swear words/cajoling were uttered that would have made that drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket blush…

It’s good for inner range glutes, and hip abductors and adductors, and, I guess, to an extent hip flexors. And probably my core. And my self-discipline, I guess.

Final goal while I am here is 10 laps with 10 stair climbs per lap.

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