Policy Settlement

In Multiple Streams Approach, what happens when the dust settles and a new policy image/monopoly (to mix my theories) is in place…

“Notwithstanding the different configurations of streams, at the end of each journey is what we term a ‘policy settlement’. All journeys are different, with infinite possibilities in terms of a settlement that finds some kind of balance between policy/programme and political priorities/demands/pragmatics. Despite there being many possible policy settlements (destinations), let us assume that they have two main characteristics: a policy settlement is a bundle of policy instruments (programmes) and bundles of politics (electoral/ reputational factors, agenda management imperatives, governance trajectories).”

(Howlett, et al. 2015:249)

Howlett, M. McConnell, A. and Perl, A. 2015. Streams and stages: Reconciling Kingdon and policy process theory. European Journal of Political Research, Vol. 54, pp.419-434.

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