I can juggle four balls and three clubs. Some basic patterns and tricks. This has been a long-time ambition I never acted on, but when I was in quarantine last year, a good friend (waves at Heather) brought me some juggling balls and I taught myself the absolute basics. Mild progress, in fits and starts since then, with ambitions exceeded and then discarded and so on – the usual tale.

HOWEVER, I want to be able to juggle five balls (basic pattern is enough – the cascade) and four clubs. This is a serious step up. I also want to write about all this, using the metaphors for talking about what I always talk about – the (lack of ) socio-technical transitions and social movement organisation failure (SMOF). And I want to be able to do this by the end of November 2022- that is, two months and two days from today.

I am going to be guide in all this by two videos by the excellent Taylor Glenn

Which advocates the following

Three ball (at Five ball height)


Maximum dwell  – ACCURATE

Minimum dwell – ACCURATE

Four ball


Five ball

Five ball flashes

And just adding more.


SO, this page is going to be a keeping of accounts in terms of how much effort I put in, and with what results. Ideally I will do stuff daily, or at least 15 minutes. And also ideally I will update this page

I also intend to blog intermittently, and to post videos on Twitter of what progress I do make. With luck, this will help me find other people nearby who are jugglers…

Date5 ball cascade and/or 4 ball clubsWhat did i do (time spent, things achieved)Comments
S285 balls15 mins – Three ball flashes (which, oddly, I had never done) and max/min dwell times in cascade pattern.Fun. And good to have done done flashes or the first time.
S295 balls and (3) clubs)30 mins –
3 ball flashes, min/max dwells and attempted to do 552s, but am going to have to watch the vid again. Did some 4 ball drills (cascades, reverse cascades, pistons/columns
Clubs – some doubles with fountain angle, some cascades with doubles over the top (both hands).
The blog about this.
S30ClubsA few minutes with clubs – not enough!
O15 ballsFlashes and min/max dwell time, plus lots of quick hands – pistons, close-quarters tennis etc
O25 balls
4 clubs
5 balls – flashes dwells and even some 552s
4 clubs – some doubles, lots of cascade stuff
Blog about day 5
O35 balls
4 clubs
Mostly club work – doubles, half shower and the (singles) W – will progress to doubles on 423 as it is properly called
Some balls – flashes, some 552s ( a bit better than last time) and some half-arsed 4 ball half-showers (this needs work!)
Roughly 30 mins
O4both5 balls – I practiced 552 with just the first 3 – need to get this right, obviously, before doing all 4.
3 clubs – more Ws and some doubles., some half-showers
15 mins
O5bothballs – practicing 552 with three, four balls (columns, cascades etc
3 clubs – reverse cascades, variable heights, doubles etc
going okay. Need to set some specific goals though!
O6bothVarious 3 club moves, including lots of doubles. Some flats for the shiggles.
Two balls (from same hand) throws for accuracy, lots of three and four ball drills
still need to write down specific goals? Maybe do longer sessions twice a week?
O7clubs and ballsreasonable session, but have forgotten what. Then I came down with COVID…
O26clubscascades, over the tops, a series of doubles and just generally getting back in groove – was able to recover from bad situations etc. Defo have not lost any skill. Did about 15 minutes – need to gradually build up staminaTomorrow will do four ball stuff…
O28clubsMore walking around juggling cascades, some doubles, recovering from tricky situations
O31clubsSome “Ws” (or whatever they are called. Lots of doubles in sequence (but all from the right – need to be bilateral!)
Tmrw – will do sequential bilateral doubles
N1clubs20mins, three clubs, basic patterns, but including doubles thrown from left hand as well as right. Feel I am closer and closer all the time
N3clubs and ballsThree club patterns, low and high and doubles from left and right hands. Definitely improving
Three and four balls – speed patterns, accuracy etc
N5clubsMore three club patterns, with doubles repeatedly (but not all three doubling)
N6clubsVarious low and high patterns, inc ‘over the top’ and so on. Now have good control, consistent doubles… – 20 mins or so.
N11clubsgradually getting more confident/controlled on doubles, fwiw.
N12ballslots of three ball stuff, hi-lo etc 15 mins
N14clubsLots of doubles, with good control, have mastered (?) over-the-tops, saves from catching ‘wrong’ A solid 30 mins work out, very satisfying.
various day (most days!) just haven’t listed. Probably about 25 mins per day
N21clubs and ballsVarious club patterns – lots of doubles, Ws, over the tops. First practices with under the arms…
N22clubs and ballsClubs – double throws, over the tops, under the arms, all sorts of good stuff. Able to recover from tricky situations now.
Balls – whoop, whoop – I did asynchronous four balls, and it was doable – I had been making it into a mountain but by now it was only a molehill

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