Juggling log #02 – Day 5/64

Some progress to report.

On practice for 5 ball cascade-

now more confident with 3 ball flashes (throwing them so they are all in the air at the same time)

also with minimum and maximum dwell time on three ball cascade at 5 height (I am aware these terms mean nothing to normal people.

AND today I managed to do a few non-consecutive 552 throws (see, told ya).

On clubs-

am getting more and more confident with cascades, some doubles over the top, recovery from catching the fat end, etc. Also did some sync doubles, though am not sure that is an exercise Taylor Glenn recommends.

So, short version – I still think I can get to the skill-level of juggling 5 balls and 4 clubs by 30th November…

Now, to transplant that enthusiasm and determination (and confidence) to other domains….

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