Now THAT’s a life: Louis Herren

"When a politician tells you something in confidence, always ask yourself Why is this lying bastard lying to me?" Always good advice, I think. Louis Heren, the guy behind it, led an extra-ordinary life.  And I'd never heard of him. Louis Philip Heren (6 February 1919 - 26 January 1995) was a foreign correspondent. He... Continue Reading →

Journalists as drips on the drip feed…

Journalism eh? But what is to be done, at a systemic level? [Rob] Chalmers, although a Labor sympathiser, put all politicians through the ringer. He refused to socialise with them and was disdainful of the trend towards celebrity journalism and the insidious practice of reporters being 'on the drip' – getting stories from politicians and... Continue Reading →

Dump and deny journalism

Like pump and dump stocks, dump and deny journalism.... Hat-tip to former On Dit editor David Penberthy... Over at News Ltd, David Penberthy of The Punch has another crack at Canberra-based political journalists. He reminds readers that in the past off-the-record was used for only one of two reasons: to protect whistle-blowers, a la the... Continue Reading →

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