Institute of Public Affairs (IPA)

Australian ‘think tank’ founded in 1943.  Largely Keynesian until early 80s shift under the direction of one of Rev Kemp’s sons (I think David).

Has been a consistent caster-of-doubt on the reality/severity of climate change ever since.

Graham Readfern has written lots on them, for instance.  See also Damien Cahill’s work on the coming of neoliberalism to Australia…

“Joe Hockey, in a recent speech, acknowledged the important role the IPA plays in Liberal Party affairs as ‘a policy spine stiffener’. Clearly Bolt was attempting a bit of spine stiffening on behalf of hard-edged conservatives who feel Abbott is starting to let them down.”
Oakes, L. 2013. Too tough Tony an unpalatable option. The Australian, 25 May.

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