Karoshing defeat

Faster faster Faster is the master Break faster Eat eat eat The speed, the speed is all you’ll ever need to...   No.   Slow as you go. Slow food, slow violence. Slow down down Escape velocity.   We cannot escape velocity, you , you yokel.  You too vocal local yokel, lacking in veracity. True... Continue Reading →

Does your device suffice?

And do your devices cause crisis? Not for the gorillas or the coltan miners. I mean, screw them, right? They should get with the (shareware) programme. I don’t care about that crime screen- sorry, scene.  Neither do you. We can screen it out, rope it off, easy as we like. With a vintage audio cassette... Continue Reading →

The longest time

You gotta go along to get along You gotta get along to go along You gotta You gotta You gotta get Get ‘Git, boy’. Get more You gotta go along You gotta ride along You gotta ride and ride You gotta never be wry, right? You gotta you got You better you bet You gotta... Continue Reading →

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