Karoshing defeat

Faster faster

Faster is the master

Break faster

Eat eat eat

The speed, the speed is all you’ll ever need to…




Slow as you go. Slow food, slow violence. Slow down down

Escape velocity.


We cannot escape velocity, you , you yokel.  You too vocal local yokel, lacking in veracity.

True dat.

Lacking in Virilian voracity for speed,  break faster and faster.

Kill, kill pussycat

and the growing need for speed and novocaine

but slow down, you move too fast, you’ve got to make the moment….


Last time I listen to two radio stations at once. Simon and Cold Chisel gar

Funkel with my brain.

So much for multi-track multi-tasking in a multiverse

My fit bit ate my  playlist. I,my,…

Faster faster, it’s got a back beat you can lose it…


Losing it, losing bearings

Lost in the woods where the bearings shit.

Lost in the woods ain’t such a problem if you are an orang umaniac

You let the lobbyist change the rules and you

You cut down the fucking forest. It’s gonna be yuge.  We are going to make so

Much money.
You’ll love the smell of palm oil in the mourning

Cut down the fucking palm trees, as the raffish Raffles riffed,

A colonial irrigation of the shit of power;

Provide them with No Alternative

Quickly. Cut them to the quick

Quick silver and quicker gold

Their demise supplies no surprise, but you don’t have to surmise that your prize is bounteous

If you only look quickly.

If you look only quickly, you will not see the mutiny,

bounding skywards. Boundless piles of wreckage we call



Oh the dark satanic mills

The cotton picking mills

The treadmills

The anhedonic treadmills for the lucky few.

The prisoners on the wooden mill, walking walking but the e – energy

Deliberately wasted, to show that the masters could,

a conspicuous non-consumption of the under-serving.

to show that the Prisoners

were in fact just numbers, not men, did not m – matter.


The energy that made the turbines spin free, speeding us to heat death,

independent of a grid, as

Rocket Scientist Charlie Sheen discovered in 1996’s  ‘The Arrrival’.

And confronted the alien sent to terraform us.  “How is it immoral”,

he (played by the late Ron… Silver)  asked our Charlie, “to merely

Accelerate” (that word again!)

To throw accelerant on “a fire that humans had started,

Were fully aware of,

And were unwilling to stop?”  Well?  Well?  No, we’re not.


And in Japan, those firefly men with their dead social democratic karoshi bargain.

With robots coming to wipe their eyes and dry their arses

Or did I get that bit wrong?  That’s what

happens when you write lines of code too quick

A bugger in the system

It’s not a bug, it’s a design creature.
You need swift features in this game.

Which is still the game.  But not still, very very far from still.
See, the light at the end of the tunnel is travelling

At c.

Or the train is.

Blink and you’ll miss it, but it won’t miss you.

Neither will anything else.

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