Systemic model of innovation


“The main features of a systemic model of innovation were summarized on the Maastricht Memorandum as shown in Table 1. As the memorandum points out, the policy implications of such a systemic model are very different from those of the linear model. Feedback loops and interdependencies can be important at every stage, so that networking and cooperation between research institutions and firms should be continuously encouraged. If rapid economic growth is the main policy objective that is served by technology, then promotion of “best practice” and rapid diffusion of innovations tend to become more important than the achievement of very radical original innovations based on new fundamental scientific discoveries.”

(Freeman, 1996: 31)

Freeman, C. 1996. The Greening of Technology and Models of Innovation. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Vo. 53, pp.27-39.

1996 main characteristics systemic innov

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