Programme Stream

Within Multiple Streams Approach, one of the two new streams proposed by Howlett et al (2016) to capture the struggles that follow agenda-setting and bleed into policy formulation and decision making…

Programme Stream– “designed to calibrate new programme instruments and integrate them with established ones.”

(Howlett, et al. 2015:427)

If it were dominant; “An example would be a particularly focused version of the ‘garbage can’ model, but in this instance the precise programme instrument would be the key stream as it is directed towards a specific solution (e.g., to raise income tax by x cents in the dollar). All other streams are subsumed and flow in this direction and towards this very specific destination.” (Howlett, et al. 2015:429)

Howlett, M. McConnell, A. and Perl, A. 2015. Streams and stages: Reconciling Kingdon and policy process theory. European Journal of Political Research, Vol. 54, pp.419-434.


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