Habermasian Political Corporate Social Responsibility

With all this in mind, I suggest that a ‘Habermasian’ Political CSR is closer to the relatively ‘minimalist,’ or ‘do no harm,’ position, advanced by Ruggie (e.g., 2008b), than it is the more ‘expansionist’ perspective associated with ‘Political’ CSR. More generally, I suggest that a ‘Habermasian’ Political CSR is informed by a need to maintain and/or reconstruct a relatively strict and ‘traditional’ division of labor between MNCs and states. Scholars associated with ‘Political’ CSR, on the other hand, have tended to emphasize that this ‘traditional’ division of labor can no longer hold given the belief that ‘globalization’ has diminished state capacities.
(Whelan, 2012:727)

Whelan, G. (2012). The political perspective of corporate social responsibility: a critical research agenda. Business Ethics Quarterly, 22, pp. 709–737.

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